The journey of everything began in 2015 in a trip of medical students of University of Rwanda in Mahama refugee camp. Life of young people with smiling faces in hard living conditions a human being doesn’t deserve left a big hole in their hearts. Unwanted pregnancies, HIV burden, Sexual transmitted diseases, rushing in prostitution for young girls in refugee camps attracted the attention of few medical students and decided not to close their arms but to react.

Being born in a revolutionary country of home grown ICT based solution, medical students didn’t consider the distance difference between the refugee camp and their school as a big challenge. T hey quickly understood that internet can be a bridge. They began by creating a Fa cebook group which was made of mentors (medical students) and various refugee teens who was accessing the group via refugee camp administration’s smart phone and laptops.

In the end of the year of 2015, The Resilient Africa Network with the collaboration of USAID and Makerere University School of Public Health launched students’ project competition titled “Youth Spark Innovation Grant”.
Tantine group won the competition and obtain money to build a website which contain reproductive health information and youth mentor-ship. In addition they secured some amount of money to establish an ADORECenter, a room in refugee camp which contains tablets and phones to increase access of teens in refugee camp to internet.

Faces of young people in refugee camp smiled again in the beginning of 2017 when Tantine Group Ltd won the iAccelerator competition organized by Imbuto Foundation and UNFPA to expand their activities. Tantine project comprise the use ICT through mainly a website but also an android application where there is contact between a TANTINE (which literally means a little aunt, as traditionally sexual education was provided by someone’s aunt) and a young person.

We are a youth led organization that aims at scoring victory for humanity and join a world where every young person have access to sexual and reproductive health information. Are you interested in what we do?

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